The role of the Certus Centre in the evaluation of Simula 2016/2017

Simula Research Laboratory has in 2016/2017 been under evaluation from an international committee of experts set down by the Research Council of Norway. The evaluation panel put together a report, which can be found on Simula’s web pages¬†in its entirety.¬†Simula, the host of the Certus Centre, this year received top marks on all three research areas, and the research area of Software Engineering has been found excellent since 2009.

The evaluation panel mentions Certus explicitly in the report, considering the different options for a strong exit strategy for Certus when it ends as an SFI in 2019, stating “The Evaluation Committee is confident that the partners will reach an agreement to take advantage of the acquired experience and associated success to give an impetus to a successor for Certus.” They also mention that “the preservation of software quality despite numerous evolutions over long periods of time” is a topic “of strong interest to industry”. For Certus, the evaluation committee conclude that “the group is very successful with more than one hundred invited presentations, in addition to a large number of publications”.