Dusica Marijan organizes the 6th International Workshop on Software Engineering Research and Industrial Practice at ICSE 2019

This year SER&IP (Software Engineering Research and Industrial Practice) workshop is joining forces with CESI (Conducting Empirical Studies in Industry) workshop, organized on May 28 at ICSE (International Conference on Software Engineering) 2019 in Montreal. Both workshops look into challenges in the cooperation between SE research and industry. Researchers have a view that practitioners are reluctant to share data. Practitioners believe that researchers are mostly working on theoretical challenges. Researchers believe that practitioners are looking for quick fixes to their problems. Practitioners have a view that case studies in research do not represent the complexities of real projects and have doubts in the results produced by research. Hence, empirical studies are necessary to ensure the relevance and applicability of software engineering research. A recent trend is data-driven software development (i.e. software development where development decisions are based on and driven by data from both development time and run time). Building on the results of previous editions of SER&IP and CESI, the 2019 edition focuses on investigating the use of data-driven development approaches and how to integrate the gained knowledge and insights from data-driven development with the existing empirical body of knowledge, and how development could complement empirical research or even be supported by empirical research methods.

The workshop featured selected paper presentations and distinguished keynote talks by leading experts in software engineering and AI Andrew Begel from Microsoft Research USA, Ahmed E. Hassan from Queen’s University Canada, Per Runeson from Lund University Sweden, and Heiko Koziolek from ABB Corporate Research Germany.