Certus partners receives EU funding for research

On 10 Aug. 2018, the Certus administration was notified of the success of the AI4EU proposal, which was submitted to the European Commission for funding during spring 2018.

The AI4EU project will gather 81 partners from 21 countries to construct the European AI-on-demand platform. The total project budget is 20 Million Euros.

From Certus, partners ABB Robotics and Simula Research Laboratory (SRL) will be involved into the consortium. By leading and monitoring the advancement of the 8 industrial pilot experiments of the AI4EU platform, SRL will hold a strong position and have a unique opportunity to contribute to the exploitation results of the project.
Due to the strong partnership established in the context of Certus SFI, both partners ABB and SRL will contribute to the pilot AI4Robotics. This pilot is related to the validation of industrial robotics software-systems. In addition, with its high expertise in software validation and verification, Certus researchers will contribute to set up quality assurance procedures for the AI4EU platform.

Certus Centre Director Arnaud Gotlieb remark that “The AI4EU project, alongside with other projects, is a crucial move for organizing the exit strategy of the Certus centre. Having decided to focus on AI-based validation techniques three years ago was the best collective decision Certus members ever took. We can be proud of our achievements in this area.“.

Arnaud also express that “Our internationally recognized expertise in AI-based software validation and verification was key for Certus participation to AI4EU“.