Leon Moonen, Senior Research Scientist. Photo by Bård Gudim

Leon Moonen co-organises the Second International Workshop on Technical Debt Analytics

Leon Moonen, a Senior Research Scientist with Certus and Simula, is co-organizing the Second International Workshop on Technical Debt Analytics. The workshop will be held in conjunction with the 24rd Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC 2017).

The TDA workshop has issued a call for (industrial) submissions at the Technical Debt Analytics Bitbucket pages.

Goal of the TDA workshop

An open challenge in Technical Debt (TD) research is to translate TD threats into economic opportunities, so development teams can make a strong case to the business side to invest on paying off TD by increasing Technical Wealth (TW). For this, a comprehensive TD/TW theory (e.g., standardizing ambiguous terms into a consistent vocabulary) is needed to formalize and consolidate relationships between the costs of technical debt and benefits of technical wealth. We aim to gather practitioners and researchers working in this area, to share experiences, concur on terminologies and evaluation guidelines.

The workshop will offer a specialised arena in technical debt to address the following goals:

  1. Calibrating technical debt and technical wealth related terminologies and concepts that are used indistinctly and interchangeably in software engineering literature.
  2. Comparingintegratingcompiling and even reconciling empirical work on the effects of technical debt/technical wealth from economic and organisational perspectives.