Certus to co-host the High Integrity Systems Symposium in June

The registration is now open  for the High Integrity Systems Symposium, to be organised at Simula on the 3/6. Participation is open and free.

Software has become an essential part of our critical national infrastructure, such as transport systems, banking industries, and energy generation, and a key element in devices in the medical and automotive sector. The failure of such software-based systems can have profound consequences both for individuals and for companies that are responsible for delivering such software.

High integrity software and system engineering used to be the realm of avionics and the military, but with today’s highly-interconnected and mobile systems, it is increasingly needed for common applications to be able to demonstrate their reliability, robustness, safety, security and maintainability. As such, sound technologies that can address these high integrity concerns in an efficient manner are one of today’s key engineering challenges.

The one day High Integrity Systems Symposium will be held at Simula in the first week of June 2015. It will will feature keynote talks from leading experts, presentations on current technology and experiences by researchers and practitioners, as well as a call for action to organize high integrity stakeholders in a national High Integrity Systems Forum. We aim at 50-80 participants, mostly from Norway, with an equal mix of industrial and academic participants. We also aim at inviting a small number (4-5) of high profile international experts in the field, either as keynote speaker or as discussion leader.

HISS 2015 builds on the success of the 2014 High Integrity Day.

For questions about the event or other issues, please contact Certus´ project leader and Simula Senior Research Scientist, Leon Moonen.

Registration is now open!