A User Partner Workshop with creative energy

April 28-29, 35 representatives from the partners and Certus joined forces at the offices of the Cancer Registry of Norway. The traditional seminar format was set aside for a proper workshop, with a number of creative tools provided by OKONI, a French consultancy agency.

Photo: Simula/Bård Gudim

The objective of the workshop was to brainstorm  and create an exhibition around two of Certus’ technologies CRYSTAL and DEPICT, and the partners and Certus representatives were split into groups in order to facilitate the interpretation of each of the two technologies.

Photo: Simula/Bård Gudim

The exhibition ended in a series of presentations, and resulted in a mutually improved understanding of the technologies and their potential, including new possibilities for innovation and collaboration. We hope that the creativity displayed by researchers and partners will benefit the ongoing and future collaborative efforts.

Photo: Simula/Bård Gudim