Model-Based Engineering for Highly Configurable Systems

Model-Based Engineering (MBE) offers an opportunity to reduce the complexity of developing highly configurable systems by raising levels of abstractions and enabling automations. MBE technologies improve the quality and productivity of a product development process by capturing information at a higher level of abstraction, reducing complexity, providing a knowledge-sharing mechanism for communication between stakeholders, enabling automated analysis. This project aims to develop MBE methodologies to support requirements engineering, product line engineering, testing platform by utilizing Norwegian national research infrastructures.

Goals of the project:

In 2015, the Certus Model Based Engineering project aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Evaluating model-based requirements and repository engineering approaches for managing, specifying and analyzing large-scale and highly-configurable systems,
  • Devise model-based solutions for longstanding development and maintenance of the automated Cancer registry system,
  • Develop an infrastructure relying on existing national resources on verifying and validating highly configurable systems.

Impact on society

MBE technologies have been proven cost-effective in terms of improving product quality and development productivity, and reducing cost for development. Therefore, customized or tailored MBE methodologies to industrial partners should have very positive impact to the industry and therefore society in general. A practical example of this would be to improve the quality/productivity of the evolving Cancer Registry 
(ACRS) system by automated, systematic, and cost-effective model-based approaches for improving the efficiency of the National Cancer Registry system.

Partner affiliation

The Certus MBE project is affiliated with several other EU and national projects led by senior scientists of Simula (Tao Yue and Shaukat Ali). The partners are primarily selected because their objectives align well with the objectives of the MBE project. Current industry collaborations include Cisco and The Cancer Registry of Norway.